[Archive]How to create a Free Azure SQL Database (SQL Server Database)

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Hi there, these steps doesn’t work anymore as Web App + SQL option was removed by Azure.

In this post, we go through on how to create a free Azure SQL Database.

Azure SQL Database runs on the stable version of Microsoft SQL Server database engine. If we follow the Microsoft Docs tutorial on how to create an Azure SQL Database, there is no free tier available. The least tier is basic with approximately $5 US Dollar per month.

Basic tier SQL Database Pricing

There is a little workaround here. We have to create a combo of Web App + SQL to get a free database. Then, delete the Web App (because it is not needed), after that you can use database.

Steps to create free database:

Go to Azure Portal and click on create a resource icon. Search for Web App + SQL.

Web App + SQL

Click on create button to create Web App + SQL resource.

create Web App + SQL

In Web App + SQL create Page, fill all the data that is required.

If you click on SQL Database you can create a new database or select existing databases. In our case we create a new database. Before creating database configure Target Server settings for database.

click on SQL Database

Web App + SQL data entry

select create a new database.

Enter database name and select Target Server.

select target server

Enter new server details and click select.

new server details

Now change Pricing tier. click on Pricing tier.

select pricing tier

click on Looking for basic, standard, premium tab.

basic, standard, premium tab

click on free tab and apply.

free tab

Now click on apply in SQL Database page.

SQL database

Create a free App Service Plan for web app. It would be better if you create web app and database in same location. And press Create button.

create web app +SQL

Limitations of free database

The maximum size of database is 32 MB of shared storage and compute is 5 Database Transaction Units (DTUs).

This database is a trial for one year and after a year it gets upgraded to Basic tier.

This database is useful for learning and testing purposes only as it has low storage.